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You Can’t Have Landscape Without Proper Drainage

You have spent countless hours dreaming of the landscape you want for your yard. You have begun looking for the right company to come and provide the landscape that you need. Did you remember to see whether they provide drainage services as well? Drainage systems are critical to your landscape. A drainage system is a pipe that is run under the landscape to keep water from pooling up around your home. Water feeds the plants, but too much water can drown them. You cannot have your perfect landscape without an effective drainage system, and a good landscaping company knows this. How do you know your drainage system is adequate?

First, a good drainage system is going to drain the soil. Plants thrive in well-drained soil. The texture of the soil needs to be loose enough for water to pass. Compacted and clay soil is hard and water pools inside of it. When it pours, rain becomes stuck inside the soil and cause the plants to die. You can tell you have a drain problem when you notice red, orange or grey spots on your plants or insects around your plants. A foul odor is also a sign of drainage problems. There are ways that a landscaping company can fix the soil problem. They can use mulch or combine specific ingredients with helping the soil absorb the rain and cut down on erosion and/or water buildup.

Next, the ground does not need to slope toward your home. The ground should slope away from your residence. This is because of gravity. Water will run more quickly if there is a slope, and it is moving downward. The surface of the soil needs to be below the foundation of your home. Depending on the type of home you have, there are several Austin Drainage Landscape Development strategies that can be used to fix problems with the slope of the soil. Professionals can trim the landscape that has overgrown on hills or in low areas. They may need to provide grading services. Grading is when water is directed to the lowest point of your property and empties into a well or drainage ditch.

Landscape drains should be inspected regularly. You should look at them and make sure that all drains are working as they should be. Roots, dirt, leaves, and other materials found in your yard can block the drain and result in water pooling and staying still. When it storms, water runs from the roof to the yard, drips from the trees, runs off patios, and even runs from the driveway to the yard. This water needs to be directed to a specific location so that your yard is not flooded. Flooding can be detrimental to your plants.

Some homes are built on a slope. If your home was built on a slope, a retaining wall could be needed. Retaining walls are built to keep water from building up and protect your property from erosion. A professional can help ensure that your home is protected from flooding today by providing the landscape and drainage services you need to keep your yard healthy and beautiful.

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